TaleTwist's Founder

Peter Yaple is a former journalist, filmmaker, adventure travel guide, visual anthropologist, and communication consultant. After twenty years, he  realized that the superficial glimpses afforded by such callings were too brief to allow anything but snapshots of the world. For the next twenty years as a teacher of English and American Culture, he sought to immerse himself in other life ways rather than merely passing through them—looking and clicking. Peter's assignments have taken him to the frenetic world of Hong Kong, the mellow fringe of Saudi Arabia's Rub al Khali, the "Empty Quarter", and on to Eastern Europe, East and Southeast Asia.

A note from Peter:

The text and graphic images on this site were formed over a lifetime of  wandering among the peaks and valleys of the world's highest mountains and other sundry places on the way to and back from them. The draw of the Himalaya is so strong that my life outside for a time became merely the means for return. Looking back, it is romantic, if self-serving, to think of this as a quest for that most illusive Shambhala—even if only to hear its call. The reality is that for much of the time I had no real understanding of, nor even interests in, such an ethereal goal.

A wise old climber—and to be an old climber you must be wise—once said, if you go astray in your climb, you must either cover your trail or warn where it leads. It is impossible to go back and hide my tracks, thus I have taken the latter course.


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