Internet/Web An exploration into the www past A guide to finding info on the Internet Many topics on Internet related technologies Real player story on www and other computer matters. A beginners guide to the Internet  Links to electronic resources around the world  All about file sharing/p2p Tips and talk from the wired world Harvard University lectures on the development of the Internet A complete guide to using the Internet from the folks "down under." A complete history of the Internet Internet effects on American culture and society

Website Building Web Style Guide 2nd edition An interactive HTML tutor for beginners. Advice on website building A web-developers resource Lessons for how to build a website. Much of what you will need to know about the web, including a beginner's guide and web site building. A must see! Great example of how Flash can turn you into a movie producer--be sure to download Flashplayer (free) A free website and blog builder provider (this site's) FrontPage tutorial Thoughts on hypertext structure Advice on html navigation structure

Imaging Websites -- for the artists among you

Foto Datenbank - Lizenzfreie Bilder Lizenzfreie Bilder und Fotos
Seamless Textures
GOgraph - Web Graphics
Image Scene
Image Scene - Mio's Homepage
Internet Foto Services
Photography Tips
Viking's Web Animation
Animation Library - Free animations
Animation Factory - Free animations
Gemini Graphics
Photoshop Resources
Eye For You
Flash Arcade - Flash Games


Digital Divide Global Network for Democratic Media Official web site of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


Hardware Find out how a microprocessor works "White paper" Intel: Untethered Computing: Feasible , Economic , and Desirable How computer devices work -- Thanks Colin! Lots of shareware and general PC advice

Software  An incredible wealth of technical information All sorts of freeware and shareware downloads A critical history of open-source code. Be sure to check out Chapter 4 on Linus Torvalds tips and tricks with digital graphics A magazine devoted to software development Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, a free e-book

Technology  Latest news from the "capital" of IT—San Francisco The latest in business and technology  Beyond the news A resource for high performance and distributed data mining Z Magazine's IT web page (the politics of the web) Much about IT, computing, web, and communication News for Nerds Home page of the World Future Society with many resources for those with a future About 20 gazillion "white papers" on all aspects of technology News and views of mobile and wireless technologies News and info about all aspects of IT In-depth IT news

Women in IT

E-Business   CNET's e-business e-zine The insiders guide to e-business integration  Everything about the IT world Home site Of Fortune Magazine (Business & Technology) Web focused business and technology US business magazine's technology reports Another famous US business magazine's tech reports.

English/Education The web site of the library of Alexandria, Egypt A good example of a university library on the Internet The granddaddy of ESL/EFL site A guide to e-mail How to cite electronic sources Many free language learning programs  About learning to learn Purdue University's Writing Lab site Another good ESL/EFL resource Full discussion of preposition usage Free test preparation: SAT, ACT, GRE, Vocabulary building For self tests on multi-word (phrasal) verbs, idioms, etc. Library of Congress (USA central library) Bi-monthly, on-line crossword puzzles to help you build your vocabulary An "edutainment" cyber-playground Much about British English All of the topics in a typical introductory undergraduate or graduate course in social research methods Recommendations and reviews on reading beyond the canon. Cyber rap (poetry to a hip-hop beat) Semiotics for beginners Computer based psychology and all the areas related to human behaviors and social sciences Elementary Web safety and ethics teaching curriculum Good explanation of copyright and fair use rules & regulations

Writing How to write an A+ research paper Advanced composition for non-native speakers

Writer's Handbook - Planning and Writing a Research Paper (The University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Outline, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Revising, ...
Writer's Handbook - Writing Business Letters (The University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Writing Cover Letters, Business Letter Format - International writing community [FRAME] (Mark Verschuur)
Write stories together with fellow writers from all over the world
Writing and Research On-line (Gerri Brightwell)
A detailed guide for graduate students writing up their research.
Writing Challenge with Hideto - Self Introduction (Hideto Harashima)
Write your own self introduction following the example sentences.
Writing Citations - APA referencing for ESL students (Michael Vallance)
A summary of APA with exercises.
Writing Den
Jump right to the topics page if you like.
Writing Tips - Essay Builder (WritingDEN)
Writing Tips - Paragraph Builder (WritingDEN)
Writing Tips - Sentence Builder (WritingDEN) - Academic Writing Help (David Costello)
For native English speakers, but if you level is advanced, it may be useful. - Financial Writing Tips (David Costello)
For native English speakers, but if you level is advanced, it may be useful. - Medical Report Tips and Guidelines (David Costello)
For native English speakers, but if you level is advanced, it may be useful. - Resume/Cover Letter Tips (David Costello)
For native English speakers, but if you level is advanced, it may be useful. - The secret to writing a good PR document (David Costello)
For native English speakers, but if you level is advanced, it may be useful. - Twelve Steps To Writing Improvement (David Costello)
For native English speakers, but if you level is advanced, it may be useful. - Letter Printouts: A to Z
Each (free) handout has a capital letter, a lower-case letter, and four words. - CVs, resumes and covering letters in English (Inter-play (France))
Tutorial on writing your CV/resume and its cover letter. Includes a quiz. A site specifically for and about young writers

Reference An Internet dictionary and more A full resource web encyclopedia and more Computer terms More Terms A virtual library of many subjects  College Slang Research Project—huge database of real talk List of 5000 essential English words with meanings Borrowed (from other languages) words in English An incredible site connecting you to newspapers all over the world Differences between British and American English The last word on words  "World's largest on-line library." Information about many nations Another source of geographic information

Search Engines

Ask Jeeves
Argus Clearinghouse
Biographical Dictionary
Collections by profession, region, era
CIA World Factbook
Direct Hit
Digital Library
Inference Find
Information Please
Internet Public Library Reference
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Map Machine
Nothern Lights
New Athenaeum
Nueva's Library Catalog
Perseus Project
Photo Finder
Pitscos' Ask an Expert
Quotations Archive
Statistical Information
Tiger Map Service
The Amazing Picture Machine
The Quotations Page
Total News
WWW Virtual Library

World Wide Web Logs--send suggestions to webperson

A Beauty Lover
Personal blog by Arif, a 'lonely Indonesian geek'. Wide-ranging and well designed.
Tokyo-based blogger, with an eye for some of the best photography on the web.

US blogger Joanna Blackwell. Original design; concise writing; nice set of links.

Editor: Myself
Weblog by Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian in Canada who also keeps a blog in Persian.

Probably the best online journal in Poland. Link-free.

'Fimoculous' means 'feeding on itself', apparently, which is an apt description of one of the pitfalls of weblogging. But this blog comes recommended for the quantity and quality of its links.

In the Gray
Nineteen-year-old American who has 'the worst luck with girls'. Should probably spend less time on his weblog, beautiful though it is.

Photo gallery/weblog with a current affairs bent; US-based.

Rebecca's Pocket
A master of the form - and one of the US blogs we liked the look of when we were planning ours in early 2000. Its author, Rebecca Blood, has just published the Weblog Handbook - 'practical advice on creating and maintaining your blog'.
Weblog Handbook

Beautiful and funny Hungarian weblog.

This Modern World
Intelligent weblog by US cartoonist Tom Tomorrow.

Weblog Wannabe
More than a wannabe. By Firda Beka, an Indonesian in her late twenties.

Not for the squeamish, but a good read on the American d-generation scene.


More worldwide weblogs:
Aberrant News (US)
Acute Cut (Denmark)
Africans (South Africa)
Amma's column (India)
babblebook (US)
Barbara Fletcher (Canada)
b00mbl0g (Ireland)
Buttermilk and Molasses (US)
Climb to the Stars (Switzerland - half-English)
Deckchairs on the Titanic (US)
Douze Lunes (France)
Elkit in Wonderland (Germany)
Empty Wishes (France)
Follow Me Here (US)
How to learn Swedish ... (an American in Sweden)
Iransara (Iranian in Canada) (Canada)
Mirabilis (Canada)
Monoki (US)
My Life in the Bush Of Ghosts (Belgium) (Canada) (Belgium)
Pen Machine (Canada) (US)
Reflections in d minor
Prentiss Riddle (US)
Random Thoughts (India)
Reenhead (US)
Skippy the Bush Kanagaroo (US)
Snarky Malarkey (US)
Soapboxgirls (Canada)
Social Design Notes (US)
Starjewel (US)
Stunned (Ireland) (Canada)
Toast (US)
Trivium (US)
Vlalerlie (US)
Witold Riedel (US)
Yet Another Web Log (US)
Yummy Wakame (South Africa)
zFilter (community blog)


Misc.  Accesses the files of National Public Radio, a wealth of information on how Americans think. Not about IT, but a great example of multimedia web design--and a learning experience to boot. A Blog from Baghdad: a blog from an young Iraqi male's perspective Baghdad is Burning: a blog from an Iraqi Girl's perspective Good writing on many different subjects from the American liberal perspective. A complete resource for the writings, lectures, and thoughts of Alan Watts Home of the symbiotic intelligence project Home of webperson's philosophical underpinnings The home of "Stop Sleeping": the name says it all Human Rights Watch site source for Freedom of Information debate Heroes from all walks of life. Do you have a nominee? Unconventional wisdom since 1865 Students transforming and resisting corporations A good source for "White Papers" (longer reports) on various topics in IT.

Note: Please inform "webperson" if you find any links extinct.