Welcome to TaleTwist. While currently focusing on the photographs and writing of Peter Yaple, we actively seek the work of others. Through the words and pictures of such independent travelers, TaleTwist aims to inspire the quest for adventure and personal realization. Each project solely represents the views of the artist. TaleTwist is not associated with any religious or political organization, nor does the material herein attempt to persuade or convey any viewpoint, other than as the personal beliefs of its creator.

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Work is subdivided into:

Press: Here you will find texts and maps focusing on the outer reaches earth and mind. TaleTwist presents a novel: KaLaGiYa, the call of Shambhala.

Archive: While some of these pictures offer incidental illustration for the novel, they were taken independently, over a quarter century. They represent a small portion of a total body of work that stretches from the high desert Hindu Kush of Afghanistan to the jungle highlands of Meso-America and to the shores of California.

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